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Import - Export requirement

For customs clearance procedures: we need certain documentation. Otherwise the import procedure will take longer than in any other countries.

Otherwise the import procedure will take longer than in any other countries. The Customs and Cultural departments will examine carefully your shipment. Sometimes, supplementary documentation are required in order to facilitate the operation. It is necessary that you sent us the documents as soon as you can in order to avoid any delays.
* Your ORIGINAL DOCUMENT: invoice, packing list, contract (if any) must be submitted to customs authority at the airport/ seaport.
* Letter of Authorization (draft supplied) authorizing us to act as your import agent.
* Letter of Request to Import (draft supplied). This is submitted to customs request and import permit.
* Letter to The Cultural Department (draft supplied) requesting an inspection of your goods.
* Your address where the goods have to be delivered. If the location is difficult, please, provide us a map with potential access problems.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for Cultural clearance of your goods.
Please note that Customs Duties are charged on Personal Effect Shipments into Vietnam. These duties are not included in moving company quotations.
Extra documentation can be requested such as the law regarding importation of goods into Vietnam may change without notice.

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